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The Daily Beast is an American news and opinion website focused on politics and pop culture. In a 2015 interview, former editor-in-chief John Avlon described The Beast's editorial approach: "We seek out scoops, scandals, and stories about secret worlds; we love confronting bullies, bigots, and hypocrites." In 2018, Avlon described the Beast's "strike zone" as "politics, pop culture, and power".

Sean Y complains, "[The Daily Beast] Articles are garbage. They give clickbait titles and flail to substantiate that point throughout the article whether it is a true claim or not. Why this site is one of the first suggestions on google is beyond me. It would be very unfortunate if people who didn't know any better considered this a factual source of information."


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at The Daily Beast full-time Cons: Deeply unhealthy culture—editorial side complains of favoritism by top editors, senior leadership has clear anti-union sentiment and expects lower-level staffers to be grateful for what they're allowed; business side in chaos, always scrambling to make a sale, governed by sales team at the expense of the production and creative teams who are very rarely given proper credit or agency in their roles Constant turnover—worsened by new C-level leadership clearing house to bring in their own people, which adds to general culture of mistrust and paranoia ("Am I next?" "What is [x] saying to the leadership about me?" "Does anyone notice my efforts?") Lack of clear mission—zero onboarding training when managerial staff is hired, which for creative department means bosses with solid creative ideas but very weak managerial skills , all worsened by a lack of any clear mission statement for the brand team beyond "make money"; very little team cohesion as a result, exacerbated by the constant turnover and sense of people abandoning ship before the ship abandons them Leadership refuses to address key issues—if, over the course of three years, multiple people on multiple levels of the business identify the same issues regarding a high-level salesperson and the breakdowns in process this person continually enables—at the expense of the rest of the team's work—would you not take sincere measures to address these issues? Sadly, TDB has chosen to see talented staff quit or burn out, rather than do so, and seems bent on continuing down this path Raises are non-existent—wage stagnation is guaranteed unless you're able to leverage an offer from a different company"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at The Daily Beast full-time Cons: Very, very high turnover. Lack of a mission statement or momentum in any direction. Reactive to what other publishers are doing without resources put behind trying new things."


"I have been working at The Daily Beast Cons: This website is never going to survive."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at The Daily Beast full-time Cons: Staff members constantly leaving and the company on the verge of collapse"

Former Employee - Senior Front-end Web Developer says

"I worked at The Daily Beast full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Built products that put my coworkers out of a job. Tough to be in digital while print publishing was crumbling and moving to online only and the company couldn't figure out how to make it profitable."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at The Daily Beast full-time for more than a year Cons: CEO seems phony and pretends to care about the whole company but when given a chance to speak only harps on revenue generating part of the organization. Managers are not held accountable for their bad behavior in the workplace. Our HR person just left after she was here for a few years and the few strides we made as a company is going to go back to the awful place it was before"

Former Intern - Entertainment says

"I worked at The Daily Beast for less than a year Cons: There's a lot of attention on US news and Politics so the Entertainment department was a bit unorganized in terms of communication and chain of command."

Current Employee - Senior Editor says

"I have been working at The Daily Beast full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Overwork, absence of clear lines of authority, overmanagement"

Former Employee - Director says

"I worked at The Daily Beast full-time for more than a year Cons: Being disorganized can be a complete mess to work in if you don't take charge. Many departments at odds with one another, and lots and lots of office politics. Shifting strategy and vision from month to month makes it hard to ever build something concrete."

Current Contractor - Anonymous Contractor says

"I have been working at The Daily Beast Cons: I wish they published more content and paid more."

Independent voter says

"You guys absolutely are the worst! You are one-sided bigots who only present one political party as having a halo and the other as having horns. DO YOUR JOB and write news, not your stupid-ass one sided opinions.........How you can support the current politics in this country is totally beyond any person with the slightest bit of intelligence. Get a grip and report the news.......NOT your opinion. "

Dave says

"Hilarious far left nonsense. A true rival to Viz..."

Keith Peniuk says

"I order the outdoor golf Mats 2.5 months ago. They claim the order was shipped and delivered. They cannot Send me a proof of signature, they provided a tracking number of 200606131457675 That doesn’t exist. Claims Canada post delivered this item. Told me to check with my neighbours. I have called Canada post. There has never been a delivery and that tracking number isn’t correct. If you want to give your money away go ahead and order. These people are criminals and scammers. My rating is a zero."

Dennis says

"An order was placed for 2 "outdoor golf games", from Daily Best. After a month, they said my order shipped, from China. I received 2 foam "golf balls" which smelled like moth balls. Several attempts made to correct the order, they then produced a order for, not submitted by me. I sent a copy of my order, stating specifically an order for 2 golf game sets. The order was never corrected. This transaction was definitely "fraudulent" but would be fruitless since they are based in China. Please save your money & buy "American" made. D. Murphy"

Aurelien Boubennec says

"They describe themselves as "Independent. Intelligent. Influential." while they have been accused of biased reporting. It's not (yet) a fake news site but the coverage is often angled to prove a point. Some might like it but it's definitely not for me."

Nance Crosby says

"I bought an items for @$200 and realized before it was delivered I had made a mistake and it wasn't what I thought it was. I immediately contacted customer service and was told somewhere in the fine print it says certain items are not returnable because the price is so low. The VERY SAME item I discovered is for sale for $90 less at multiple retailers and online. If I could give a negative star rating I would. Plus I will NEVER EVER use them again and will stop reading their site as well."

Anders Kristian says

"As far left as you can come, information is extremely opinion based and not fact based. Extreme left site Dont trust what you see there!"

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